Organic Tender Jackfruit Burger Patties

New arrival: Our Organic Tender Jackfruit Burger Patties –The Burger for Superheroes.
The natural organoleptic characteristics are conserved. The Organic Tender Jackfruit does not contain any added flavours, preservatives and colours.
Jackfruit is an exciting fruit: nutrient-rich, good for your well-being and promotes blood formation. As a fruit rich in vitamins it contains vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin K.
Our Tender Jack Fruit Burger Patties – the latest Jackfruit trend and simply delicious! With every bite of this burger you will be overwhelmed by its deliciously juicy structure and the absolutely authentic “beef” taste”! No matter how many burgers you have tried, the Organic Tender Jack Burger will outshine everything you have tasted before.

So get to the grill, the stove or the campfire ready and get the burger party started!


Characteristic tender Jackfruit aroma.

Texture: Soft, pleasantly chewable, meat-like.
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