Coconut Houseware

Are you looking for something fancy that no one else has got? Something useful yet special? Then our Coconut Houseware products are exactly what you want – to spice up your own kitchen or as a present. Our Coconut Houseware is not only exceptionally decorative but also environmentally-friendly as it is made from the coconut shells which are left over after the extraction of coconut water and meat for the production of coconut foods and drinks.
That also means that each product is

unique in colour, shape and size

as these characteristics can vary depending on how the individual
coconut shells look like.
Furthermore, all our coconuts are organically grown and under fair working conditions.
We offer different household items made of coconut shell which are
reusable and 100% natural:

Coconut Spoons
Cococnut Bowls
Coconut Cups
Cococnut Coir Scrub Pads
Coconut Coir Brushes
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