Organic Ripened Jackfruit

in Pineapple Juice or Sugar Syrup

Our Organic Ripened Jackfruit, also known as "Waraka", is made from 100% natural, organic ripened Jackfruit and the pineapple juice obtained from organic pineapple. The natural organoleptic characteristics are conserved and this product does not contain any added flavours, preservatives and colours.
The Organic Ripened Jackfruit in Pineapple Juice or in Sugar Syrup is ready-to-serve. It is perfectly suitable for direct consumption or use for example as a topping on pies – or of course for own new recipe creations.

The natural sweetness of Organic Ripened Jackfruit is just superb.
The taste of mango, pineapple and gummy bears perfectly blends with the juice's or syrup's distinctive flavour.


Characteristic Ripened Jackfruit aroma and taste in pineapple juice/sugar syrup. Yellow pieces in yellowish clear pineapple juice or sugar syrup.

Texture: soft and pleasantly chewable.

Packing size:

Gross Weight:

Drained weight:

Can400 g170 g
Glass jars350 g160 g
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