Aseptic Organic Coconut Milk
Aseptic packaging guarantees protection from bacteria
Organic Coconut Milk
Delicious exotic drink or cooking ingredient!
Organic Coconut Milk Curry
Available in tree varieties:

Organic Coconut Milk Powder
Produced in a modern spray-drying process – highly versatile
Organic Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk
Sweet with a deliciously exotic coconut flavour
Organic Evaporated Coconut Milk
Adds an exotic touch to all dishes and drinks!
Organic Coconut Milk Drinks
Available in three different flavours:


Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is the opaque white liquid that comes from the grated meat of a mature coconut. It is a natural oil-in-water emulsion of fat-protein-water and has a creamily viscous texture. Coconut Milk separates due to its natural protein content and composition into a cream and serum layer within some hours after production – provided no stabilizers and emulsifiers have been added. The oil in the Coconut Milk solidifies and forms a hard layer on top.
Coconut Milk contains carbohydrates (mainly sugar and starch) and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and potassium. Albumin and globulin proteins are the dominant proteins in Coconut Milk, and the protein content of the undiluted milk varies from 5 to 10% on dry basis. Coconut Milk can be used in almost any dish to add a delicious coconut taste: Boiling vegetables, frying meat, as a base for soups, stews, curries and sauces, drinks, ice-cream, for pastries and desserts.

Coconut Milk is used in particular for low-fat cooking and to whip up tasty dishes with a deliciously fresh coconut flavour.


Opaque white liquid.


Fresh with a touch of coconut.
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