Why The Hype About JACK?

Jackfruit is a tree-grown fruit with great versatility, which can be processed to plenty of dishes: from pure tender Jackfruit to savoury varieties and even sweet desserts. Depending on preparation – and there are countless ways to prepare it – its texture and taste can be similar to juicy chicken, goulash or fancy pulled pork. You can easily enrich your Jackfruit meal to your heart’s content with your favourite sauces and seasonings and create culinary Jackfruit highlights such as curries, goulash, tacos, wraps, burgers or simply add it to your salad.


It is absolutely amazing how meat-like this fruit turns out. Jackfruit is the ideal alternative for everyone who seeks healthy and tasty culinary delights without meat.
You will be surprised by this fruit which is so similar to meat that even meat lovers will demand more of this
“vegetable meat”!


ORGANIC: Our Sri Lankan Jackfruit is grown organically by certified small farmers.
ENVIRONMENT: Grown in mixed cultivation it contributes to preserving and enhancing biodiversity.
SOCIAL ASPECT: With every purchase a certain percentage flows back to our MAL SOCIAL FAIR FUND for social projects in India and Sri Lanka. So, together with our customers we improve working and living conditions for our small farmers and their families.


Our almost ready-to-serve JACKFRUIT in BBQ SAUCE, just add your favourite side dish such as rice or potatoes or create a fancy burger! We highly recommend to combine NATURAL JACKFRUIT (in cooking and microwave pouch) with our CURRY COCONUT MILK (available in GOLDEN, RED and GREEN) – no chance to take only one serving!


The hype is in full swing, also, there is an increasing popularity of Asia/Ethnic products. Jackfruit arrived in the market as a trendy and healthy product and not only weight-conscious gourmands, vegans and vegetarians have discovered it ...
Jackfruit is enormously versatile, time-saving and promptly ready-to-eat.
What's more, the product sizes are even perfectly suitable for single households.

  • low in calories, high in fibre
  • full of nutrients and health benefits
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • free from lactose
  • free from gluten
  • tasty and healthy!
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