Coconut Milkpowder

Biological coconut milk powder is obtained from the fresh, ripe coconut and is given a distinctly delicious coconut aroma by the modern spray drying process. Due to its versatile and simple dosage, it can be used flexibly in the kitchen. It can also be enjoyed pure in water. Simply mix with hot water and use like coconut milk. Or simply stir into coffee as a coffee weezer.
The creamy consistency of the dissolved coconut milk powder and the fine taste of coconut give your dish an exotic touch. Coconut milk is a true all-rounder in the kitchen. Whether cooked vegetables or fried meat, soups, stews or curries. And for those who prefer a sweeter taste, ice cream, biscuits and desserts are also available. Also ingenious as topping for yoghurt, waffles or muesli and you get a delicious taste. Coconut milk should be a basic ingredient for low-fat cooking.
Coconut Milk is used especially for low-fat cooking and to whip up tasty dishes with a Coconut Flavour.


fine-grained coconut milk powder


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